Meeting to discuss a financial business plan.

Business Financial Planning

Whether large or small, thriving businesses owe much of their success to an effective business plan that is properly executed by the management team to meet the needs of their customers. Business owners, senior management, and the employee team are all important to the business’ success.

Creating a risk management plan to protect the business in case of a temporary or permanent loss to the team provides financial security for the business and team members. Retaining Key personnel is vital to business success. Having a well-executed financial risk management plan and key personnel compensation plan is essential to the foundation of the business success today and into its future. At Iain A. Thomson and Associates Inc. our expertise can help you create a financial security plan that meets your specific needs and unique operations.

By leveraging our extensive knowledge and expertise in Business Continuation, Succession, Key Person plans, Risk Assessment and Protection, Executive Compensation, and Financial Planning you can maximize shareholder value and protect the business and key employees.

Our unique training and expertise working with Family Enterprises have given us a greater understanding of the significance of working closely with all of your professional advisors such as your lawyers and accountants. This ensures ongoing communication and collaboration to achieve your goals and objectives.

Creating a Plan

At Iain A. Thomson & Associates Inc., we use a six step process to learn more about your corporate mission, business plans, and executive needs:

  1. Understanding Your Business
    Our first step is to sit down and understand your business – where you are, where you hope to be, and how you hope to get there.

  2. Identifying Risk and Issues
    There are always risks and issues that could have a negative impact on your business. Together, we will identify those risks and concerns so we can address them in the planning stages.

  3. Balancing Opportunities and Risks
    All investments have a certain amount of risk but they can also have their rewards. Financial opportunities will be looked at not only for growth but for security. It’s important that they line up with your business goals and objectives.

  4. Developing a Preliminary Plan
    We carefully analyze all information and data gathered to develop a clear, concise written plan and recommendations. This preliminary financial plan will provide you with options and recommendations as well as an action plan to allow you to implement the solutions.

  5. Execute the Action Plan
    Working with shareholder/ownership group, your executive team, and your other professional advisors, we will create a precise process to execute the action plan.

  6. Annual Review
    Regular meetings will be scheduled to manage and adjust your plan as necessary based on the realities of your business as it evolves over the years.